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You need to keep a careful eye on your business and we can help!

Wouldn't it be nice to ...

  • see your business from the perspective of your customers
  • hear what your customers won't tell you about your business
  • be able to measure improvement over time in your business
  • know what goes on when you're not there

Feedback, as you know, is one of the most valuable tools a business uses to monitor customer satisfaction. However, practical, impartial feed back is difficult, if not impossible, to come by. Reporting by lower management is often filtered or slanted to give upper management what it expects to hear. But, what is actually going on could be completely different. Does this surprise you? Probably not!

Customers know what they want, and how they like to be treated.  They expect to be treated well, or will find another place of business that will treat them well.  Customers are those you rely on for your business to succeed!  One bad experience with your business is enough to lose them as a customer forever.  How do you make you’re your customer’s needs are fulfilled? 

This is where our Careful Eyes™ come in to give you the perspective you need the most.  We personally enter your place of business as a customer, but also as an observer.  We take note of how we are treated and how others are treated.  Our Careful Eyes™ chat informally with your employees and sometimes with other customers.  Then form an opinion based on a comparison with past experiences in similar businesses.   Finally, we submit our findings in a report to you or to your designated management personnel.  The report can be written, or in a form you or designed to fit your needs.  Report formats other than written may be possible.  Reports are typically submitted by email, but we like to have a phone number in case special attention is needed immediately. 

To get started we need to work directly with the principal management of a company or location or a personal assistant in authority to make decisions.

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